Let's party with no worries.

Be worry free with our “U Drink I Drive” service the ultimate personal driver experienced. Our drivers are highly trained to handle all types of cars, direction expert, professional and trustworthy drivers to drive your car. Alcohol checkpoint will no longer be your concerned! BOOK NOW and enjoy the ride.

Fare Estimate

0-5 km 6-10 km 11-15 km 16-20 km 21-25 km 26-30 km 31-35 km 36-40 km 41-50 km
600 650 700 750 800 900 1000 1,300 1,500


Mobile app
Perfect experience

Request our drivers with only 3 touch of your fingertips! U Drink I Drive application used the most advanced GPS technology to find you. So no matter where you are partying and no matter how loud the environment is be hassle free with our application.

You can also find out when our drivers is approaching you with our Driver tracking system,when our driver have arrived we will notify you.

Once you have reached your destination the application will automatically charge you from your debit, or credit card, you can also pay in cash. SAFE & SIMPLE.

Because our mission is to continue to improved our service to serve our customers. Your FEED BACK are valuable to us.

INSTALL NOW and received infinite rewards from U DRINK I DRIVE and be part of our “U R HERO” loyalty campaign.



What our customers say about U DRINK I DRIVE

DJ Petja

I love cars, so don’t drink and drive. I had a bad drunk driving accident experienced because I didn’t have a choice back then. So why choose to drink and drive when you can use U drink I drive.

New Clear Hansa

My most impressive part about u drink I drive is their drivers. Any drivers from the company deliver the best care and professional service no matter how expensive your car is. I am grateful that Thailand have this service.

Khan Thaitanium

Love U drink I drive! The service that takes me home safe and sound right after party.

Ying Yae

U drink I drive is the one of the world best creation, the service allows me to party with no worry and also help decrease roads accident in real life.

Top Jaron

Best customer service you get, you know you’ll always be home safe.

DJ Poom

What I like about U drink I drive is that it helps my unplanned and busy night life sorted. Sometime I don’t have time to drive back home and keep my car before heading out to meet adults, friends, and customers again. My hectic and unpredicted night businesses are now being taken care of by U drink I drive. Most importantly the owner is beautiful.

Pae Arak

Feeling dizzy? Parked your car. Danger is not afar. Care for yourself and your love one…

Aum Lukkana

I am very impressed with U drink I drive service every time I party I don’t have to be worry cause I trust in their service , and I am sure that I will be home safe. My favorite part is they have female drivers.

Mew sirilapas

I really love U drive I drive - the chauffeurs are exceptional caring, well-mannered and I feel safe every time I use the service. Most importantly, I am no longer afraid when there’s an alcohol stop.

Our Driver

We select only the best driver to serve you

1. A one on one interview with our Chief of Human Resource.
2. The appliances is required to take driving test and customer’s service attitudinal test conducted by the Limousine Express Group Trainer.
3. The appliances will be tested on the understanding of GPS App before making their first trip and are required to score above 90% in 3 following categories

Overall Experience 5 star95%

Driver’s Manner 5 Star92%

Driving Skill 5 Star97%


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